Air shield "graphic user interface (GUI)"

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There is a graphic user interface (GUI) in AirShield which perceives and analyses a great deal of information about a location so as to show all the data to the user qualitatively. This takes extremely little time to get a response.

If the detection threat level is growing while collecting and treating a large amount of information, the GUI will have time to warn the user about this, for the GUI takes privileges of all detection technologies.

The user can check statuses AirShield products, adjust system parameters, monitor hazard level and manage to prevent a danger in real time remotely. An easy to use browser-based tracking app allows you to perform any action from anywhere in the world.


• Scalable & Flexible: the platform is designed for horizontal and vertical scaling, locally or in the AWS cloud. It can be used for separated multisensory site or for several sites working together.

• Immediate Evidence Collection: images a drone activity in real time, giving the user the hazard warning about the location, there are some built-in tools which help to make reports accurately.

• Convenience: the product can be available and tuned on distance, that needs only the Internet connection, or as a separate desktop app. Air gap solutions are accessed too. Notifications are sent by text or Email for remote operators and are set via the graphic user interface.

• Compatible: RESTful API lets unite in present security systems.


• Control remotely from any place
Due to secure cloud-based handling operators are able to have access to the application from any place and at any time. On-site and air-gapping equipment are also available.

• Live Monitoring Dashboard
Using the Live Dashboard operators are able to watch and follow the drone activity from their sites at once. A great deal of information about the location is given to the user in an understandable form only when demanded. It lets operators make fast and critical decisions.

• Geofencing Zones of Control
It’s possible to tune detection, disruption and exclusion zones in AirShield so that there is a proper security of the user’s objects.

• Analytics & Detailed Evidence Collection
Statistics and drone logs are imagined in a readable format and can be used even extend. The user can understand the activity of the drone in the environment as there are drone vendor, location, lasting and MAC address reflected on the screen.

• User & Team Management
Due to the management system the user is able to control all the members of his team, announcements and actions.

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