1. Module for detecting signals of UAV control and data transmission channels.
  2. Module of radio suppression of control channels and UAV data transmission.
  3. Passive (bistatic) radar.

Anti-drone protection complex

Drones counteraction systems can detect and neutralize unmanned aerial vehicles, which is a necessary measure to protect both private households and industrial, commercial, military and other objects.

When do you need a protection against UAV?

UAV detection systems are used everywhere where there is a need to protect the territory against penetration of drones. Drones, that anyone can easily buy today, are often used by attackers for the purpose of terrorist attacks, espionage, theft of confidential information of individuals, unauthorized propaganda and promotions, and damage to property. Therefore, protection against drones is an integral part of ensuring security.

Complex approach

Complex systems that enable detecting drones in any mode of operation, are used for deactivation of UAVs.

Typical complex includes:

  • UAV detection system in a radius up to 2000 m, which enables detecting any sources of radio emission at all the frequencies;
  • Passive locator, tracking drones that operate in radio silence mode, without any signal;
  • Jamming system for suppression of UAV control channels and data transmission from a drone.

Several integrated systems could be shared for larger areas.

Where to make an order for UAV protection complex?

You may contact our company to purchase a typical drone protection system or ask us to make individual antidron system that takes into account specific features of a specific object. The advantages of our security systems refer to:

  • High performance during operation in any weather conditions (temperature range from -20°C to +50°C);
  • High level of information content (current coordinates are recorded, take-off point and drone serial number are determined, statistical data are saved);
  • Drone detection up to 2000* m;
  • Fixed and mobile configuration;
  • Loyal cost in comparison with many other types of drone detection systems.

Our specialists will demonstrate the potential of our antidron system, instruct and suggest an optimal and effective solution for protection of the airspace.

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