• Drone detection and suppression system

    Drone detection and suppression system

    Integrated solutions
    for objects of different purposes
    from unauthorized actions of drones

Objects where protection complexes are used

Nuclear, hydro power stations, factories


Airports, railway stations

Private territory

Public facilities

Mass event

Main features of the complex:

Shows the current coordinates
of the drone

Determines the coordinates
of the drone's take-off point

Recording of all statistics
in the system operation area

All-weather operation
of the system from -20 to +50


Shows the serial number of the DJI drone

Portable or stationary installation option

Large coverage area 

Ability to integrate into a distributed security network

Photos of equipment

Video about the work of the UAV protection system

What distinguishes our UAV detection and neutralization systems

  • Record range of suppression and detection of commercial drones
  • Professional technical support of equipment
  • Detection and identification of different drone models
  • Detection modules of our production allow us to detect sources of radio emissions of commercial drones in all currently used frequency ranges
  • The universal suppression of quadcopters
  • Suppressing navigation
  • Drone detection (including once in the silence mode) 

Any questions?

Protection against commercial-type unmanned aerial vehicles

Technical support

We guarantee the smooth operation of the equipment, instruct your specialists, provide technical support for the software.

Equipment for protection against drones is made individually, taking into account the features of each object. Many parameters are taken into account: radio-electronic environment of the territories, ambient temperature, geometrical parameters of the object and other factors.

You can sign up for a demonstration and get advice from a specialist at a meeting at a convenient time.

Equipment to fight against unmanned devices: 

Flying devices today pose a threat to the government and commercial facilities. They are used to violate the rights of individuals. Considering that unmanned vehicles are regularly improved, the task of creating an advanced antidrone system is most relevant. Our company is pleased to offer one of the most advanced complexes in the Finland for tracking and jamming UAVs.

We provide cutting-edge technologies to fight against multicopters

The systems of even simple devices from China are updated every 1-2 months. For this reason, less than 30% of the anti-quadcopters on the market are relatively useless. Our equipment is free from most of the shortcomings and is ahead of the developers by about a year. See more details:

  • We resort to military practices - this guarantees efficiency;
  • We keep in touch with the manufacturers of drones - this allows getting up-to-date data on the technologies introduced by the market;
  • We are constantly improving and supporting anti-UAV – having acquired a position here, you are sure that it is equipped with the latest nodes.

We solve any issues with the multicopters

See the catalogue of our products:

Detection units: “AIR SHIELD” security system determines location of the UAV, and ensures the following:

  • Sends an alarm to the security console;
  • Calculates the starting point of the device;
  • Activates jamming units.

UAV lifters: protection against drones and quadcopters, that allows killing a signal coming from the control panel to the aircraft. It also disables the ability of machines to receive any data from GPS.

Locators: detect autopilot controlled quadrocopters. Typically, such systems have no connection with the base (man) and operate autonomously. The range of coverage of civil antidron-radar reaches 500 meters.

Here you can purchase equipment, as well as rent it, having received the services of our specialists on protection of specific facilities.

We create complex solutions

All the presented units are compatible with each other. Connect suppressors, locators and control centers. This will automate operation of either item.

We provide support and maintenance

  • We advise how to make a choice;
  • We train your staff how to operate the equipment;
  • We provide spare parts and services for repair of the equipment;
  • We install and debug UAV control tools.

We cooperate with the best

Today our company works with more than 10 companies, most of them are state-owned. These structures have extremely high security requirements. Their trust is a proof of the professionalism of our company. Cooperate with the best. Call us, ask questions, and then consider the opportunity to buy antidrone systems.

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