With the advent of practical, easy-to-operate airborne unmanned vehicles able to take pictures of classified facilities from a great height, it has become necessary to counter them. In addition to video filming, these aircrafts are able to accomplish wiretapping and interrupt wireless communication. The potential hazards caused by UAVs can manifest if the drones are equipped with igniting devices or explosives.

Our professional electronic equipment, which is able to detect and neutralize threats in due course, is designed to safeguard various facilities against drones. The system is based on the principle of intercepting the radio signal that controls a drone. The anti-UAV units disable the controls of such a device, causing its owner to lose control over it.

Some types of defence systems can block an intruder’s signal as well as exchange information with other devices that are performing similar tasks. The interception of an operator’s connection with their drone helps to locate the source of the radio emission


  • Wide range of operation;
  • Operable in several frequency ranges;
  • Automatic determination of a drone’s coordinates at the moment of signal detection and localization of the device’s starting point;
  • Unit inter-compatibility allows for creating extensive control systems for monitoring and protecting the airspace above a facility.

The anti-drone radar system operates on the principle of “capturing” the signal coming from an object. This function is carried out using an external "light" source. The set of equipment also comprises an antenna and receiver. The latter analyzes received signals, and a clear picture of the coordinates and speed of UAV movement is displayed based on the data obtained.

The mechanism of interaction between the transmitter and receiver involves the formation of a space where a high energy potential effect induced by an external source of illumination is created. The maximum height of detection above a facility depends on the type of locator and the configuration of adjacent barriers.

The anti-drone defence systems offered by our company can be customized to identify UAV sources at any available frequencies.


  • Industrial and energy facilities
  • Train stations and airports
  • Privately owned territories
  • Public events
  • Facilities of national importance