Drone detection (including once in the silence mode) by passive radiolocation method (bistatic)


  • Bandwidth 2300-2500 MHz;
  • Medium transmit power 100 mWt;
  • Min detection range 20 m;
  • Max range with Radar Cross-Section (RCS) 0,01 m2 – 1500 m;
  • Min radial speed of detected object – 1,4 m/sec;
  • Distance determination accuracy of the object – 1 m;
  • Azimuth determination accuracy – 0,5 degrees;
  • Control via ETHERNET;


  • Integrating into a distributed defense network of the object;

NOTE: An external detected source (DVB tower or outside radiation source not included in the set) is required.

DRONE is an unmanned aerial vehicle that can be equipped with a high-resolution photo-video camera, or for attaching a warhead. With the help of a drone, an offender can collect sensitive information using cameras. Terrorists carry bombs and other ammunition on them for a long distance. All kinds of methods are used to protect objects from UAVs. These methods include: detection and tracking of drones, as well as passive bistatic radar.


“AIR SHIELD DDR-3” anti-drone protection system is provided with:

  • a receiver antenna that receives and processes various radio signals;
  • a source of external “backlight”.

Passive radar works in this order:

  1. It receives a radio signal from a UAV, which is highlighted by the “backlight”;
  2. Processes data of the detected object;
  3. Builds a clear picture of the movement of the UAV;
  4. Changes the speed of the drone.

With the help of the developed system, the AIR SHIELD DDR-3 locator can catch UAVs operating at low frequencies, and detect low-flying drones.

The purpose of AIR SHIELD DDR-3

The drone protection system detects and suppresses an object; it can track a drone in radio silence mode. A bistatic radar even tracks such UAVs that are made of plastic. It can detect them by the operation of the electronic components of the drone.
Characteristics of AIR SHIELD DDR-3 locator
The “AIR SHIELD DDR-3” locator is provided with: an antenna, used to capture radio signals from 2300 MHz to 2500 MHz. The system is capable of displaying up to twenty meters within the maximum range of an object. The anti-drone protection installation has a capacity of up to 100 MW. Testing and locator operation showed max. range with a dispersion area effect of 0.01 m2 - 1500 m2. Moreover, the locator determines the target with an accuracy of 0.50 and its location up to one meter.

The developers of unmanned aerial vehicles began to use the latest coatings, thanks to which it is possible to disperse radio signals. They also equip drones with the anti-drone detection systems. The use of the passive locator “AIR SHIELD DDR-3” has an advantage over other systems in that UAVs cannot detect it, since it does not emit radio waves. Our systems provide reliable protection of any facility.


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