• Detection of signals from UAV’s transmitters for control and data transmitting channels;
  • Bearing of detected radiation sources;


  • Bandwidth  390-490 MHz, 850-960 MHz, 2200-2600 MHz, 4900-5900 MHz;
  • Automatic search and detection of radiation sources;
  • Identification of signals from drone control channels and drone data transmission;
  • Bearing of detected radiation sources;
  • Detection range 2000* m;
  • Control via ETHERNET;
  • Automatic control and self diagnostic system;


  • Functioning as a targeting source for anti-drone radio module;
  • Creating alarm commands when detecting drone;
  • Decoding the current coordinates, flight parameters and coordinates of a “Home” point location for several types of drones;
  • Integrating into a distributed network to build protection system of large scale objects;

* the value depends on the UAV model and the electronic environment at the signal receiving point

Unmanned aerial vehicles are not only used as toys for children, but also for events. For example, a wedding drone is used for shooting videos, photographs. They are also used to search for people in impassable terrain, etc. But more and more often, drones are used to commit crimes from petty hooliganism about terrorist attacks. Therefore, installation of UAV protection systems is used to protect public, commercial and private life.
The AIR SHIELD DDR-2 UAV detection systems quickly and efficiently detect and suppress any model of drones. And, in turn, reliably protect the protected object.

What is the purpose of UAV protection

What are the threats related to the use of drones:

  • production of photo-video for espionage (theft of valuable technical information, classified data, invasion of privacy);
  • terrorist acts to damage infrastructure of cities, industrial facilities and threat to the population;
  • to incite riots using propaganda leaflets, to call for violence, etc.

To effectively deal with violating drones, appropriate equipment has to be used to detect and neutralize them.

Characteristics and possibilities of “AIR SHIELD DDR-2”

The AIR SHIELD DDR-2 equipment is designed to detect a drone and transmit information about it to other systems, which in turn are involved in suppressing drones, outstripping the possibility of an offense.
The technical characteristics of AIR SHIELD DDR-2 are that the system detects a target within a radius of 500 to 2000 m. It searches and calculates the range of the detected UAV and its radio signal. This happens automatically. You can use the module at frequencies 390-490 MHz, 850-960 MHz, 2200-2600 MHz, 4900-5900 MHz. The AIR SHIELD 2 module finds the take-off point of the drone. It can also be used by combining with other protection modules to better protect the area of the protected area for intercepting UAVs.

 The AIR SHIELD DDR-2 protection system works this way:

  1. Detects signals between the operator and drone;
  2. Determines the direction of the UAV;
  3. Transmits data to the security center.

Due to the ability to work on an extended range of radio waves, the AIR SHIELD DDR-2 module of our production can detect drone radio emission sources at any frequency. You can order and buy our systems by contacting. This gives you a guarantee of protection for any of your property.

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