How to resist UAV attacks

How to resist UAV attacks

Modern technology has quickly entered our lives. Until recently, a small number of people had a cell phone, but today almost everyone has it. Also, unmanned aerial vehicles were in service with the army, now anyone can buy it. But, this harmless toy can become an instrument of crime in the hands of unscrupulous citizens. Attacks by terrorists using drones in Syria at an oil refinery in Saudi Arabia, etc. could be a good example of the use of drones.

Now drones are used everywhere in drug smuggling, espionage, and terrorist attacks. Since the drones are small in size, they are easily controlled from a long distance and it is not difficult to control them.
In connection with the threatening danger, anti-drone systems began to be developed that are aimed at protecting strategic facilities (airports, oil and gas facilities, production) and the public.
The anti-drone system has the ability to detect and neutralize UAVs. How does this happen.


The anti-drone system is monitoring, in particular:

  • passive: detection of UAV in the field of visibility and its maintenance;
  • active: determination of drone modification, signal frequency, geolocation.

To detect UAVs, the following technologies have been developed and implemented:

  1. radio-frequency analysis;
  2. acoustic sensors;
  3. radars;
  4. optic analysis.

Due to these technologies, an approaching object can be identified with high accuracy.


Three ways are used to deactivate a drone:

  1. seizure of control;
  2. destruction;
  3. neutralization.

The following is used for that purpose:
1. Radio-frequency silencers, which send in the direction of control of drones to a greater number of radio signals, allowing to destabilize UAVs in the general “stream” of signals.
2. High-power microwaves, where the high-voltage radio waves directed at the drone make it possible to disable all UAV electronics. This technology is effective, but the price component is an order of magnitude higher than others. It also has the disadvantage that it can damage other electronic devices in range.
3. GPS spoilers. These systems allow you to transmit changed GPS coordinates to the drone. Plus have the ability to intercept control of the drone. Less, work at a short distance, and also interfere with equipment that is not far from the spoofer.


Many are trying to solve the issue with drones using physical elimination. For example, they use a cannon with a network or a laser that destroys an object. Such methods are ineffective, and may also fall under the article of property damage.
For capturing and eliminating the drone, it is better to use specialized AIR SHIELD anti-drone systems. They will allow not only to intercept, eliminate UAVs, but also provide an apparatus for litigation. Which in turn will be the right solution for you.

How to resist UAV attacks