Today, with the ever-increasing introduction of civilian-class drones into our lives, the question has arisen of security in all directions. Since they can be used not only for the needs of the population, but also in the use of terrorist acts. Specialists in the field of security since 2015 are considering all possible options, for example, as a throwing of chemical weapons, explosive devices, etc. Is it possible to collide with an aircraft using a standard quadcopter? Specialists have given appropriate recommendations to counter such situations.

However, experts did not take into account the fact that the market is currently growing rapidly and it is easy to buy an inexpensive drone. And to track who, when and why acquires it is not possible. In this case, the bills of many countries have not issued the rules for registration of drones.


Seeing the situation in Syria, where militants without any difficulties purchase civilian quadrocopters and use them in terror, for example, they equip the drone with a device for dropping mini-bombs. It is quite problematic to track them, as they are practically silent, of small size and there is no possibility to detect their air defenses. With the help of drones were attacks on ammunition depots, blasting armored vehicles. Such successful attacks and explosions are obtained, since the drones are equipped with high-resolution cameras, which most unmanned aerial vehicles have.

To use a quadcopter, you do not need much knowledge, since when it was created, the goal was to use it without special training. Which turn is convenient to use. Several aerobatic training, then set the flight mission with your fingers and point to the target with the camera. That allows the offender is at a decent distance from his goal.


What to do in this case? Today it is necessary to understand and take into account all possible cases with the use of quadrocopters. It is not only shopping and entertainment for children and adults. The use of the state in tracking violations, where access is not great to the objects. But the fact that drones can be used to the detriment of the population, acts of terrorism at state facilities and even when attempting to assassinate state leaders, for example: Venezuelan President Nicolas Moduro, where they were able to prevent the killing of special services.

For places where an event is planned with a large number of people, you need to work out the system for detecting snowdrops. The introduction of radio frequency detection systems. Also use a device to interrupt the radio.

The company Discovery Engineering  sells the detection system UAV radar "Air Shield DDR-4". That will help you to protect objects from attack and calmly carry out all sorts of activities.

Applications of drones in terror