The security system for guarding the external perimeter includes, in order to minimize the danger associated with the observation or intrusion of the object. Any event involving large crowds of people cannot do without special security equipment to monitor what is happening and the possibility of threats from the outside and the importance of the object.


  • Fences, barriers;

  • Security alarm located around the perimeter;

  • Engineering fences (barbed wire, radio-beam devices, etc.);

  • CCTV;

  • Systems for access to the object or event (turnstiles, identifiers).


All of these systems for security perform only ground protection, but there is an air threat with the use of UAVs. Today, it is possible to acquire and use in order to violate the security regime at the UAV object and remain unnoticed, since the intruder himself will be at a safe distance. Therefore, this situation requires the introduction of a new protective aspect such as low-altitude security.

The purpose of the penetration of the object is not only observation, but also the possibility of transporting hazardous substances, espionage, and terrorist acts. Modern quadcopters, drones can carry heavy loads over a considerable distance, such as an explosive device at hydroelectric power plants, nuclear power plants, chemical weapons, as in Syria, etc. Vision observations of privacy and more. And the scale of threats is only growing, with an increase in the manufacture and sale of drones.


There are several ways to solve a problem with quadcopters: detection and interception. Developed devices for detecting quadcopters on small objects are multitouch sensors. They work on the principle of processing optical, radio frequency, acoustic signals. In order to neutralize the UAV, the equipment includes radio frequency interference blocks, on which a drone is set up from its control panel. There are drones, in which the route is laid beforehand, for this purpose, signal jamming equipment is used, for example, from GPS satellites.

Also not only multitouch sensors are used, but also other detection systems, for example, Air Shield DDR-2, it is tuned specifically for tracking UAVs, its range from 1 to 5 km. They can not only find the drone, but also find the location of the manager of the drone. The delay of the one who launched the drone, the best option to counter the pilot.

You can purchase Air Shield radars from the company DISCOVERY ENGINEERING, which sells equipment designed to protect your object from unmanned aerial vehicles. The AiR Shiled DDR system not only detects the UAV, but also determines the coordinates from which it was launched, identifies the model and suppresses the operation of its electronics.

How to protect objects from drones?