There are objects, the importance of they protection of which are in the first place for states. These are objects of the oil and gas industry, nuclear power plants, hydropower plants, etc. The world is used to refined products, electricity. Without these products almost no area of ​​human activity. Protection of refineries, pipelines, oil and gas storage facilities and other facilities is important for any state. Therefore, large funds are constantly allocated for the development of security systems for such facilities.

To secure vital objects, you have to constantly monitor new developments, including UAVs. Since they can also be used for terrorist acts, industrial espionage can be carried out with the help of cameras that almost all quadcopters are equipped with, to any of the fuel and energy facilities. All of these criteria require serious study and security by the special services of the oil and gas industry.

Today, the fight against the opposition of criminals using UAVs can be divided into three areas:

  • Preventive measures.

  • Remote detection of drones.

  • Neutralization drone.

The first preventive measures do not always work, as many owners are not fully aware of some of their actions, which can lead to problems for both the owner and where the drone was used, for example, to see what the neighbor in the cottage is doing. This will already be considered a violation, interference with privacy.

Neutralization of UAVs is a good way out, but there are also problems. UAVs are privately owned and this is a violation of rights, if such measures are applied. This is a threat to property on earth and for people, as the drone may fall on them.

Remote drone detection:

The UAV optical detection system has a camera with a good resolution, which will allow you to monitor the approaching drone, and at a critical distance from the object you turn on the alarm. The minus of such a system does not recognize drones made by amateurs;

Radar for detecting UAVs. Application range up to 5 km. Gives the opportunity to quickly react and notify the special agencies. Does not respond to birds and aircraft. Conducts identification of the UAV model, determines the location of the coordinator, which allows you to catch the offender.

Of all these systems, radars are the best option for protecting such complex objects as the oil and gas industry, nuclear power plants.

The DISCOVERY ENGINEERING company sells radars "Air Shield" to protect complex objects, including fuel and energy facilities, from unauthorized invasion of unmanned aerial vehicles.

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