Innovative inventions are developed and produced mainly for peaceful purposes, so that they benefit people. UAVs were intended for photo-video in inaccessible places, like entertainment.

But not only as entertainment, drones began to be used by state bodies such as rescuers, firefighters, and policemen. Also used by television operators, photographers, builders. Only this is one side of the coin. And there is another - when drones are used in order to observe the private life of another person, invading his personal space. What to do in this case?

There are many ways to protect ground space, for example, fences, all kinds of barrier devices, etc. In the airspace there are no special protective equipment. But in the era of high technology, you need to close this gap. There are no obstacles for a UAV, neither a high fence, nor barbed wire will help protect against invasion of private territory for video recording and other illegal activities. How to solve this problem to protect your territory from invasion? And why drones can be dangerous:

  • The possibility of transporting dangerous goods;
  • Take illegal photos and videos;
  • Disable the security system;
  • May spray chemicals;
  • Carry out terrorist acts;

We note that today it is almost impossible to hear a flying drone, since the developers have created a silent engine. Such drones are well used in espionage, and they have a disguise (for example, made in the form of a bird).
Effective methods of protecting the territory from drones, ensuring security and control over the airspace of its territory from "uninvited" guests.This is necessary for the sake of its own security. Protection from drones should be reliable.


  • Sam flying UAV called "catcher drones." The fight against invasion, where the drone is used, which has a special network for catching the "intruder" of the border. Using such a tool, the UAV of the violator is not damaged and can be used to present, in the case of legal proceedings, as material evidence.
  • Radio gun, which is fighting with drones. A gun aimed at the drone, using electronic suppression of communication channels of the intruder and navigation, blocks his work. Kvadrokopter carries out emergency landing.
  • Laser device to combat drones. For fractions of a second determines the drone and destroys it, acting on a laser that has high power. It damages the aerodynamic surfaces of the UAV, which causes it to fall. This installation is very expensive and is used only for military purposes.
  • Integrated system. The system allows you to identify the drone, and with the help of electronic exposure, forcing him to perform an emergency landing. Such integrated systems are used at airports, in the territory of important state institutions.

Accessibility to protect their territory by ordinary citizens of the systems from drones virtually none. People have to invent means to protect against "uninvited" guests. For example, use trained birds (eagles). The eagle, having seen the drone, flies up to it, digs in claws and goes down with the drone to the ground.

Still, it is better to use authorized security systems that work to detect radio frequency control channels of the drone, transmit data and electronic suppression.

The company DISCOVERY TELECOM offers a whole range of protection against drones. He will be able to detect the drone, determine the place from which the drone is launched and suppress the work of the UAV electronics. This comprehensive protection system will confidently resist the threat of unsolicited drones.

Protection of your territory