UAV Jamming System "AIR SHIELD DDR-1"


Jamming of drone control and data transmitting channels, jamming of navigation satellite systems signals.


1. Maximum transmit power for:

  • Jamming drone control channels 15-25 Watt;
  • Jamming of navigation satellite systems signal receivers 10 Watt;

2. Jamming Range 4000*m;

3. Control via ETHERNET;

4. Automatic control and self diagnostic system;


  • Operating at autonomous mode (manual control), as well as by external targeting (using data from locators and detection module)
  • Integrating into a distributed network to build protection system of large scale objects

RF Frequency Band:

433-435 MHz / 900-928 MHz / 2400-2480 MHz / 5725-5825 MHz / 1215-1260 MHz / 1559-1606 MHz

* the value depends on the UAV model and the electronic environment at the signal receiving point

UAV Jamming System "AIR SHIELD DDR-1"

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in most cases today poses a great threat to both commercial and government facilities, because they are increasingly being used to commit different crimes. We offer professional installations to resist quadcopters. AIR SHIELD systems have been tested and perform their tasks 100%.

What are the tasks of the protection system?

  •  DATA SECURITY. UAVs can be equipped with cameras and narrowly focused microphones, with which any conversation can be eavesdropped over a long distance. Fraudsters use them for espionage;
  • SECURITY OF PHYSICAL FACILITIES. Modern drones can carry up to 8 kg. Weights, so they are used by terrorists in terrorist attacks. UAV suppression systems prevent all possible criminal actions.


Who orders and uses AIR SHIELD DDR-1 jamming system equipment?

Systems against drones of our company are ordered by small and large businesses, officials, media people who need protection of their personal lives. Government agencies, industrial entities, and processing industry.

Description of the equipment

UAV suppressor – an installation that disables quadcopter control. The aircraft coordinator loses control of it.
IMPORTANT! “AIR SHIELD DDR-1” equipment can obtain current coordinates and take-off point of the UAV.
Our team is continuously improving UAV protection systems. Qualified specialists ensure monitoring, study the market and new developments of UAVs, which allows them to timely improve the quality of drones protection systems.
The main indicators of our systems:
Our device has a significant range of 2-4 km. It is controlled from the remote control and automatically. Our installations can be used both individually and in combination with other devices of AIR SHIELD series.

Why is our equipment worth buying?

Since every year the development of UAVs only improves, in view of the constant competition in the aircraft market, here one should carefully monitor all the new items. For detection and suppression of drones, artificially designed UAV protection systems are no longer suitable. Our company cooperates with a number of manufacturers, which gives us the opportunity to improve our installations. Even using our systems for several years, they remain effective.
You can request a quotation for a UAV suppressor right now. Call or leave your coordinates and we will contact you.

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