Anti-drone protection of densely populated areas

Anti-drone protection of densely populated areas

Unmanned aerial vehicles are entering our everyday life at a fast pace. With the help of drones, you can make unique frames, perform video shooting at a great distance, etc. They can also create big problems. Unmanned aerial vehicles are increasingly being used in espionage, terrorist acts and other offenses.


Anti-drone systems have been designed to track and control UAVs, as well as eliminate the drones. The system is operated from the control panel, in which the transmitting and receiving device is installed, the same as on drones. This makes it possible to exchange data, control commands over the air. The Anti-drone system works as a detector (identifies and detects UAVs) and a suppressor of radio frequencies of drones (after detection, the drone forces to land, or returns to the point of departure). During the operation of the system, the drone coordinator loses the ability to control the device.


When using the Anti-drone system in a city with a large population, a restriction is placed on its use, since it creates highly efficient interference and thus many household devices can (Wi-Fi, GPS, radio). Understanding the whole problem for installing the Anti-drone system in a built-up urban area, experts carefully select a place for it, antennas, and adjust the power of possible interference. Although this task is not easy, but with proper calculation, the Anti-drone systems can work almost without loss.

Airports are close to almost any city. They are provided Wi-Fi, as well as GLONASS/GPS navigation systems on their territory, without which no aircraft can do. Even in such places, the use of the Anti-drone system is relevant. Yes, it can create short-term malfunctioning systems, but the end justifies the means. Since it helps to eliminate threats such as UAVs getting into the windshield, or into an airplane’s turbine. And, this may entail not only the cancellation or delay of flights, but also a tragedy with human casualties.

At such facilities as the airport, UAV protection systems use equipment in automatic mode with the ability not to interfere with and suppress GLONASS/GPS. For other systems such as Wi-Fi, radio, well-chosen equipment and antenna systems will not affect communication, or it will be minimal. Anti-drone systems will be able to protect the territory of the airport, detect a flying drone in time, create a barrier shield throughout the territory, and return the drone to its original point, or render it harmless.

Air defense systems of the AIR SHIELD series are capable of protecting your territory against the invasion of drones without damage to radio equipment and other devices.

Anti-drone protection of densely populated areas